vrijdag 20 september 2013


English version of the recipe:

- Preheat the oven at 180 C degrees.
- use a cheese-slicer to make small slices of 1 beetroot, 1 big carrot and 1 parsnip.
- cover a baking try with bakery paper and put the slices on it, sprinkle with salt and pepper or other herbs you like.
- ready in about 15 minutes

donderdag 5 september 2013

zoete couscous

English version of the recipe (sweet couscous):
For 2 persons:

- prepare 150 gr. couscous according to the directions on the package, but add 2 teaspoons of cinamon, 1 teaspoon of concentrated applejuice
* and 50 gr. of raisins.
- cut one apple and 1 pear in small pieces and add to the couscous, stir.
- if you like you can add some more cinamon.

nice as a dessert or sweet lunch
*available at organic food shop.