donderdag 15 september 2016

avocado-banaan choco-ijsjes

English version of the recipe (avocado-banana chocolate ice-cream)

- cut two (ripe!) avocado's in halve, remove the seed and use a spoon to get out the pulp.
- at the pulp together with one banana, the juice of one lime, 70 ml honey and 250 ml coconut milk in a kitchen machine and mix to a smooth blend.
- add the mix to popsicles molds* and put them at least 6-8 hours in the freezer.
- melt 60 gr. dark chocolate with one teaspoon coconut oil au bain-marie.
- dip the ice-creams in the chocolate or use a pastry brush.
- allow the chocolate to be equally hard. Eat the ice-creams right away or put them back in the freezer.

* for about 8-10 ice-creams, that depends on the size of the moulds.

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