vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

mexicaanse schotel

English version of the recipe:
- preheat the oven at 150C degrees.
- fry one union, one red chili and one clove of garlic (garlicpress) in olive oil.
- cut one red pepper in small pieces and add to the union, chili and garlic.
- cut 4 tomatoes in pieces and add together with 375 gr. corn to the union and pepper.
- add some salt en heat for 5 minutes.
- take a dish (with a high brim) that you can put in the oven, together with 175 gr. tortilla crisps and 150 gr. gratet goat's milk cheese.
- put some of the crisps in the dish, then some of the vegetables and then some cheese, repeat that 3 times so you get layers. End with some of the crisps and on top some of the cheese.
- put the dish in the oven, ready in about 20 minutes, until the cheese is melted and the crisps become soft.
- nice with a green salade.

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  1. Oh, no here at this time is 12 AM, I'm starving and read this is torture! I want to try this recipe now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))