donderdag 20 maart 2014


English version of the recipe (bread):

- preheat the oven at 180C degrees.
- mix 250 gr. bearded wheat* and 120 gr. rice-wheat*, 125 gr. oatmeal-flakes, sniff of salt and 1 teaspoon wine-stone baking powder*.
- add all sorts of seeds you like: maw-seed, sesame-seed, sunflower-seed, pumpkin-seed, pin nut-seed. From every kind 1 tablespoon.
- add 350 ml rice milk and knead to a soft, somewhat sticky dough.
- make a ball and cover with some more seeds on top.
- bake the bread ready in about 50 minutes and eat while it is still a bit warm.

*available at organic food shop.

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