donderdag 5 juni 2014

2 zomerse toetjes

2 summer desserts:

- put one can of coconut creme in the fridge over night, the next day half of the milk has become hard, scoop this out of the can.
- break 3 banana's in pieces and put them together with 250 gr. of red fruits in a blender.
- add the coconut creme, mix and you are done!

- put al the pulp of a mango in a blender and add 50 ml coconut milk.
- let freeze for one night and wait for 15 minutes before you start to eat.

TIP: you can add the fluid coconut milk that is left in the can to a cake- or pancake dough.
Both dessert are for 2 persons, I use coconut milk without any additives or e-numbers.

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