donderdag 6 augustus 2015

tagliatelle met spinazie

English version of the recipe (tagliatelle with spinach):
For 2 persons:

- prepare 250 gr. tagliatelle according to the directions on the package.

- grate a handful of pine nuts in a dry pan without oil.
- cut 10 olives in pieces and 8 cherry tomatoes in parts and put them in a big bowl.
- cut one union in small pieces and fry slowly in some olive oil. Use a garlic press for one clove of garlic and add to the union.
- wash 800 gr. spinach and cook in its own moisture in about 5 minutes.
- drain the spinach and add to the union.
- crumble 200 gr. soft goat cheese and add to the spinach. Stir very good so the cheese will melt and it becomes a creamy mixture.
- drain off the tagliatelle and add to the olives and tomatoes. Add the spinach as well and stir so everything will mix.
- add salt and pepper to taste.
- as finishing touch sprinkle the pine nuts over the tagliatelle.

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