vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

chocolade muffins

English version of the recipe (chocolate muffins, for about 12 muffins).

- cook 150 gr. beetroot, let them cool off and rasp them.
- preheat the oven at 180C degrees.

- mix 1 egg, 100 ml rice milk, 4 tablespoons honey and 4 tablespoons agave sirup*.
- melt 60 gr. coconut oil add together with 150 gr. bearded wheat bit by bit.
- add 2 teaspoons wine-stone baking powder*, 1 teaspoon vanilla powder, 4 tablespoons cacao and a sniff of salt.
- mix to a smooth dough and add the beetroot. This makes the muffins a bit more sweet and smoother and you won't taste it! If you want the muffins to be more sweet, add some more honey.
- divide the dough in a muffin-tin or in paper muffin moulds.
- bake the muffins ready in about 25 minutes

*available at organic food shop.

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