donderdag 28 april 2016

mango-kokos-chocolade truffels

English version of the recipe (mango-coconut-chocolate truffle)

- put 200 gr. grated coconut in a blender or kitchen machine and let it run for about 10 minutes so the coconut turns into a kind of butter/creme.
- peel of the skin of one big mango and cut into pieces. Add to the coconut and mix very well.
- add two tablespoons honey, add some more if you want it sweeter.
- make round balls out of the mixture, use a big spoon if you like. If the mixture is to wet, add some more grated coconut so the mixture will stick better.

! put the truffles add least two hours into the freezer.

- melt 150 gr. pure chocolate (I use chocolate with 92% cacao and coconut blossom sugar) au bain marie.
- use two spoons or two forks and dip the truffles into the chocolate and cover them with the chocolate.
- put the truffles on some bakery paper.
- the truffles taste the best if you put them in the refrigerator and serve them if you just get them out.
- recipe for about 20 truffles.

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