donderdag 28 juli 2016


English version of the recipe (vegetable burgers)

- grate 200 gr. potatoes, 200 gr. carrots, 200 gr. white cabbage and 2 green chili peppers in a kitchen machine.
- add the vegetables to a bowl and add 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons curry powder and 300 gr. bearded wheat.
- knead with your hands until you have a firm mix.
- heat a generous amount of oil in a frying pan and make flat, not to thick burgers of the mix.
- fry both sides on a medium heat golden brown.
- if you like let the burgers drain of to much oil on paper towels and keep the baked burgers warm in a pre-heated oven.

- nice with a green salad and tomatoes.
- eat the burgers just like that or serve with some soft goat cheese or humus.

- for about 10-12 burgers

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  1. Erg leuk recept! Een een mooie illustratie!